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Adelanto Reupload by punkerjeffy

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This track has been downloaded 408 times

Uploaded: Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 02:13 am

Type: National

I'm trying to re-upload to see if the deceptive site warning goes away that is on the original download page. Original description:

I had a lot of fun making Lagartija so I decided to make another SX. This one has a similar scale and I'm really trying to go for a realistic feel. The track is technical with rhythms that are tricky to get right every lap. I like making my tracks so that the natural flow of the track makes you ride with a lot of body english and I think this one does a good job of that. I'm interested to see if anyone can do the quad-on after the second corner. I still haven't been able to do it yet. There's also a couple things outside the SX track so I included a freeride version. There's an FMX which is really similar to the type of FMXs I used to make for MCM2 and a couple big booters in the hills. PS and Leveller for the displacement. PS for textures/sky/RGB/etc. 3ds Max for custom ramps and bump models. Beta slot 1.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Track Reviews

whoshotya921 - May 18, 2017 - 04:27 am
Thank you so fucking much! for some reason i couldn't download the other one. Amazing track!!

ktmcheater15 - May 18, 2017 - 03:04 pm
so mini track but have lags, why? what did you add who kill my pc? :D but awesome track! love it. dont add that much, just focus on track :P thanks mate

dklassen25 - May 19, 2017 - 04:10 am
great flow. great scaling. great work man

Pagoenigsegg - June 04, 2017 - 03:56 pm
One of my favorite custom SX tracks. Awesome flow, its fun to go reverse way on this track :)

ONEzeroONEkId - June 24, 2017 - 04:33 am
Yes, Thanks for fixing the deceptive sight warning from the previous upload you had! Amazing track.